Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday - 8.30am to 9pm

Jaipur logistic team is a combination of Knowledge, experience, technician and innovators. Together they come up as young entrepreneurs of Jaipur market.

Jaipur Logistics cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow and succeed. These core team members provide leadership and vision to other team members and are experts in their own domains.

Anavil Mathur

He is a young mind behind the idea of local logistic services in Jaipur. He has hand on experience in the industry and has already established himself as a most reliable brand in logistics industry. Jaipur logistic will provide you best and most cost effective solutions under his leadership.

Shailendra Mathur

He is a dynamic entrepreneur having extreme know how of technology to convert any idea in a most customized way. Jaipur logistic will provide you most customer friendly platform for tracking about your shipment.

Anupriya Mathur

She is energetic young mind in Industry. Her knowledge and expertise in finance and administration will make smooth all the order lines. Jaipur logistic will provide you best experience and customer satisfaction in her supervision.

We are selecting people who serve you for your betterment and together we create more business opportunities in Jaipur city.


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