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Jaipur logistic will work as a third party logistic company.
A 3PL — short for third-party logistics (sometimes called a TPL) — is used in logistics and supply-chain management to outsource part or all of a business’ distribution and fulfillment services.

Before the early 1970s, transportation contracts only featured two parties, the shipper — think big retailers, manufacturers, or wholesalers — and the shipping carrier. As more “sellers” came to market, who didn’t have logistics as their core competency, intermediaries, known as third-party logistics providers, rose to prominence.

“A person who solely receives, holds, or otherwise transports a consumer product in the ordinary course of business but who does not take title to the product.”

Although they do not hold ownership of the inventory, they are legally bound and responsible for performing the requested fulfillment activities of your ecommerce company.

Over the last decade, with the democratization of the internet empowering more retail both on and offline, the market for third-party logistics providers has exploded.

Jaipur logistic will be your outsourced arm when it comes to receiving new inventory from your manufacturers and shipping it to the end consumer. It also handle retail distribution and returns. Ultimately, we make sure your orders get delivered to your consumer buyer with the out-of-box experience you desire.

Jaipur logistics has an idea behind combining different volume of products from different customers at which we should start to consider a third-party fulfillment partner.

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